Smiley360- Legit or kick it?

Here we are again to answer the age old question, “is this legit??” It took me awhile but I dug threw the spam of the internet and found some pretty awesome sites, including Smiley360! It functions much like the site BzzAgent, if you’re unfamiliar with them I have an entire post here on my blog covering my experience there. You apply, fill out a profile, get matched with campaigns and away you go. The way these two sites differ is the content they want you to supply as reviews after, and how they “judge” that content. With BzzAgent generally they prefer large, high quality social media posts/reviews. Each individual activity is reviewed and you are given a rating, but in the simplest of ways. Either you did Exceptional! which is accompanied by a super happy smiley face, Good! with an average happy face, and honestly I’ve never received less, but I imagine it goes something like fair, not good, ext. With Smiley360 it’s a little bit more complicated in some ways but perhaps easier in others. They have an array of different requirements ranging from a photo posted to facebook/twitter, to a customer review on Amazon. Generally They expect you to do each option at least once and do require you to get a certain amount of points in order to receive your badge for that mission. I know, I know, what the fudgsicle are badges and what do I need with points!? A badge is just their way of recognizing you’ve done “enough” in a campaign. Points are a little more complicated, from what I’ve gathered (I could be wrong) points accumulate on your account with every task that you do, I believe they just mark your participation on the site. Kind of like a status, the higher the number the more active a member you have been. Each campaign offers a different number of points, the one I’m on right now offers 130 BUT I only need 50 in order to get my badge. To give you some examples, a short post to facebook or twitter about your campaign awards 10 points each. Where a consumer review to a website may award 50. Each campaign is different, I’ve had some that require 90 points for the badge. It sounds far more confusing then it really is, they have it all laid out for you, explaining every step along the way. Smiley360 may sound like more work then BzzAgent but it’s just a higher quantity of easier activities, like short posts, or simple photos. Where with BzzAgent they tend to require fewer activities but each one may require more work, more creativity. I hope that wasn’t to complicated! Let’s get to the good stuff, like the kind of awesome loot you can score!!

Smiley came out of the gate strong with me, my very first campaign was for VitaFusion Gummies. Not just one full size, but three different full size bottles, I was in heaven. It felt like such a blessing as I had really been considering getting some vitamins, after the birth of my daughter, my hair started falling out in clumps, my nails were incredibly brittle and my skin just didn’t look healthy. As you can imagine with a new baby and a toddler we didn’t have much extra money for vitamins, but the smiley360 angels smiled upon me haha. I received their Gorgeous Hair, skin and nails, which I could not have been more excited about! The Beauty Sleep vitamins and also the Relaxed Mood variety, as you can imagine all so very important to a mom with a new baby. I personally just couldn’t stand the taste of the relaxed mood but my mom loved them so I graciously gifted those 😉 I wasn’t expecting much from the Beauty Sleep ones honestly, I’ve tried a variety of sleeping pills with undesired results. I was truly surprised when I could feel them working, but it felt so natural, not that awful drowsy feeling, it was more like a soft sleepy nudge! I am not promoting these for any other reason then they truly worked for me, and if that helps someone else I’m a happy camper. It’s hard to say how effective the hair/skin/nails ones worked, I do personally feel like they made a difference. That being said I had made quite a few changes in my routine at that time as well, higher quality hair products, some proven hair oils, ext. Take it for what you will, but I definitely feel like they helped.

My next mission in comparison was a little disappointing, just because of how amazing my last had been. It was vitamins again but this time Centrum Vitamints, and instead of amazing full sizes, we received a few little packets of 2 chewable samples. I wouldn’t have been so dissatisfied if this campaign hadn’t required just as much work as the previous one. I received just the standard multi-vitamin in two separate flavors. One being mint which was delicious!! If your looking into a tasty multivitamin chew, put these on your radar. That second flavor though, a raspberry kinda mintyish…. whatever it was awful. Did your parents ever make you eat those gross chewable flinstone vitamins as a kid, and the only reason you complied was because you secretly pretended they were candy. Yeah, they tasted like those, but maybe worse… not. a. fan.

The following survey was definitely a step up, but being honest there wasn’t really any where else to go! I had never even heard of this product before the campaign, Pure Protein Crunch snack packs. I received two separate flavors, chocolate and peanut butter. Three packs of each flavor, and each pack was a very decent serving size. I expected to like the chocolate more but I honestly thought they were kind gross so I passed those off to my very eager toddler. The peanut butter though, very tasty, a little pricey for what they provide but they are packed full of a bunch of good stuff. My problem is I’d want to eat like three bags for “one” snack, tasty little buggers. All of the campaigns so far were also accompanied by coupons to hand out to family and friends and spread the yummy joy.

The next mission is one I am technically still active in and quite a bit different then anything else I had experienced on these types of sites. Originally I wasn’t even going to accept, it weirded me out a bit but I am so glad that I did. The campaign was for the Sleep Number stores, they have some new technology called DualTemp. It’s essentially an electric blanket that can go hot or cold and any where in between! Amazing, right!? So off me and the family went, we had to try out this awesome new technology, take some pictures, and then answer a bunch of questions about the experience. Your all probably thinking, why the heck would you want to do that? Well the answer is very simple, a 90 dollar memory foam sleep number pillow!! Which I have not received in the mail yet, but when I do I will also be leaving a small review for that. Honestly it’s a pretty amazing compensation for spending 20 minutes in a store trying out some of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever experienced.

I just received this last campaign in the last few days, and I’m super psyched!! I am a soda junkie, straight up, and I’ve really wanted to find a healthier option. Inc. those Smiley360 angels!! This campaign is for Arrowheads Sparkling Spring water. The campaign is providing me with two coupons for a 6 pack each, I am assuming of what ever flavors I choose. I’m also receiving a cute grocery tote just as a side bonus. I am just so excited for this one, cant wait!

So there you have it, another amazing and totally LEGIT site. I know some people are thinking, but Jess it’s not “free” if I have to “work” for it. Once in a blue moon you get a dud like the vitamints that just doesn’t feel like it was worth my time, but honestly most of the activities take a few minutes. If you add up just the few campaigns I’ve done in the past five months including my current ones, I’ve gotten more then 140 dollars worth of stuff! And if your totally into the item, your really just helping out others to find a great product! Just like with BzzAgent, if you want to get the campaigns you’ve got to stay on top of the surveys and polls, which is mere minutes a week. If you have any questions that I didn’t answer here don’t be afraid to post them in the comments below 🙂

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