BzzAgent- Legit or Kick It?

I can’t be the only one that was amazed when I found out you could get free stuff off the internet, did I mention it’s free!!?? Samples, sweepstakes, gift cards, even expensive full sized products. Some of you are probably thinking if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is, but I am here today to educate you on the world that is FREE STUFF.

BzzAgent was actually the very first “product for review” site that I found, prior to that day it was the stuff of myths and legends ;P If you are doubtful let me tell you that this site is absolutely legit. I joined on February 05/2016, the very first thing they send you is your “Welcome Aboard” campaign. It’s really just a small introduction into Bzzagent and what you can expect from later campaigns, you get a cute little magnet out of the deal.

My very first “real” campaign started February 10th, so really no down time for me. I received a full size Covergirl and Olay wrinkle defy compact foundation, I can not express how amazing it is to get your first taste of free awesome stuff. It’s honestly kind of addicting.

Next up was the Horizon® Fruit Snacks, I received a coupon to get two boxes for free, plus a handful of 1.00 off coupons to hand out to family or friends! My toddler, of course, gobbled these up. If your interested in organic and healthier options for your kids definitely check this brand out! I unfortunately can’t find a picture of these, and cant off the top of my head remember what was required, but I know it wasn’t much work at all. This campaign started on March 09th, just to give you an idea of the time line and how quickly it all came.

Next up was probably my second favorite campaign from them, Arnotts Tim Tam cookies from Australia. I received two full size boxes of the original and caramel. I honestly had cravings for these cookies weeks after we had them. Mmmmm just thinking about them now is getting my mouth watering. Its a chocolatey wafer type cookie covered in chocolate, so light and fluffy but still a bit crispy, just delightful. The caramel ones though, knock your socks off! I also don’t have my campaign pictures for these, but pictures don’t do them justice anyways! I also received a ton of coupons to hand out to people, which is just a super awesome bonus.

The next campaign BLEW ME AWAY, I could not believe that this happened, I just felt so blessed! I had gotten another beauty campaign but this time it was for an SK-II set worth an astonishing 90 dollars!!! For freeeeee, mind blown. The set came with a very large glass bottle of serum, a smaller bottle of toner and then a sheet mask. Every item had just incredible quality, absorbing seamlessly into the skin. No residue, no stickiness, light natural scents, just an all around beautiful line of skin care. I received this campaign mere weeks after the fruit snacks and cookies, it was better then Christmas. For this campaign I had to share some pictures, and some social media which is really standard for any of these offers. This one started just two days after my birthday, pretty good present if I do say so myself.

The next campaign I had to wait a bit for, but really who can complain after the good fortune I’d had. This time it was for my toddler which is pretty awesome that they include the whole family! We received a coupon for a free bag of Plum Organics Garden Chicken meatballs and of course the standard stash of coupons to spread the love. Absolutely brilliant snack/lunch/dinner if you are all about that Organic life style. My son can be a very picky eater (what two year old isn’t) but he gobbled these right up, that really says something. This campaign started on June 3rd, so a few good months since my last, but I didn’t have to wait to long in-between to get my next and latest campaign!

This campaign just started for me and I’m really excited to be a part of it. It’s the Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry scent with 5 blades. It comes with 1 razor, 2 cartridges and 1 shower hook. Technically the campaign started just over two weeks ago but I just received my package about four days ago. Very excited to jump right in and take this puppy for a spin. Though if any of you are parents to two young kids, it can be impossible sometimes to find some time to tame those legs 😉

So there you have it, seven campaigns in five months!! Adding it all up it’s been well over $130 dollars and that doesn’t include the coupons!! I have heard some people have trouble getting on the campaign wagon, they just aren’t getting the invites. The only advice I have for that is be ACTIVE, check your account often, answer any surveys they have for you. Those surveys are what help them decide who is a best fit for what campaign, so if you’re taking a long time to fill them out or just not doing them at all your going to miss that opportunity. It may also be helpful to connect any social media they ask for and have your profile filled out 100%. If your still doing all this and still just not getting the campaigns don’t be shy to give them a shout, let them know your super interested in the opportunities!

Another really fun and interesting side of BzzAgent is their relationship with the “MyPoints” website. My Points is much like Swag Bucks and sites alike where you accumulate points by doing an array of activities. Everything from doing your day to day shopping to surveys and playing games. Well BzzAgent offers varying amounts of points for the different activities you take part of on their site. So every time you post a picture to your social media or write a consumer review your also receiving these benefits. My points pays out in a very large selection of gift cards in $10, $25, $50 and $100 dollar increments. I have over 25 dollars sitting on the account right now and most of it is from my BzzAgent activities!!

I hope this post was informative for anyone looking to learn a bit about these special opportunities. I will be adding any new campaigns to this post as I receive them. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment area.

If you’d like to check BzzAgent out just click on this link, and enjoy!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for telling me about BuzzAgent. I’m not sure if the Canadian site is different but I didn’t receive a “Welcome Aboard” campaign. I joined BuzzAgent a few months ago and just received my fist campaign. I received a full sized cover girl mascara and BB Cream. I’m now hooked!!!


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