Allure Beauty Box July 2016 Unboxing/Review


Today we are talking all about the Allure beauty box. It is a monthly subscription focused on skin/hair care and makeup, featuring deluxe sized samples, delivered right to your front door. You can normally look forward to 6 items, but there is the exception of this month with there being only five (if you don’t count the free sample you have to pick up yourself from Nordstrom), but there has also been seven item boxes. Your first box is five dollars off, so an amazing deal at 10 dollars ( as this box can reach values of 70-80 dollars most months). Every other month will be 15 dollars, still an amazing value!

Every box comes in this bright red color and includes a mini magazine of all the products included, instructions and why they were chosen. Definitely a huge bonus!


The samples this month were definitely on the smaller side, but for good reason. The 1 oz of just the La Mer cream goes for 185 dollars!!! Such a luxury to be able to try so many beautiful brands.


Why not start with the show stopper. This sample is TINY but non the less very excited to be able to try such a high end moisturizer. The texture is very silky, so soft and creamy. It absorbs almost immediately with absolutely no oiliness and left my skin baby soft. I kept catching myself feeling my skin, I just couldn’t stop myself!


Next up we have Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair serum, you apply several drops with your fingers before applying your moisturizer. It is said to help with the appearance of lines and wrinkles making your skin feel smoother, hydrated and stronger. This has almost no smell, but what smell it does have is light and a bit medicinal. It felt great going on the skin, absorbed very quickly and left no oily feel. Only time can tell how well it works for my lines and wrinkles but so far I’m pleased with this sample. thumbnail_20160718_160905_1469072955106_resizedThis was the item I was most excited about, I have wanted to try Glam Glow for so long and I finally got my chance last night. It may be a little strong for my skin type, I do have sensitive skin and I could feel this burning a bit when applied. Nothing to terrible but if you do have sensitive skin definitely something to be aware of. This mask is kind of neat in the sense that once its dry you can see little dark spots where it has actively pulled out dirt and congestion. Honestly it made me cringe a bit looking at my face with those dark little spots, but there is totally something fascinating about being able to see it working. This mask is meant to deep clean while tightening pores and also helps with acne.thumbnail_20160718_160808_1469072958106_resized

I normally dislike seeing any sort of lip color in boxes, I dunno I just feel like I look bad in 98% of colors, am I the only one? I much prefer lip nourishing, hydrating balm type things. All of that said, I am SUPER happy with this one, it just so happens to be the 2% that I feel looks nice on my face. Yay! It just gives a nice sheer rose color, the name is super strawberry and I’m happy. I have a swatch below. thumbnail_20160718_160950_1469072950101_resized

It almost looks like it has a sheen or glitter to it in this picture, but I don’t notice it all that much when its on.thumbnail_20160718_160916_1469072952174_resized

Last but not least, well it was my least favorite item in the box, but I know a lot of people really like this item. I personally don’t really wear primers, I may use this for a fancy night out but I’m definitely a little more on the natural side. Can never hurt to have a sample laying around, right? So this is meant to even skin texture, reduce the look of pores and help your foundation set and sit nicely on the skin. It has a very silky texture and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all.

There is a bonus sample on the back of the magazine that says you can head into any Nordstrom and pick up a sample of Bobbi Brown foundation while supplies are available. I haven’t had the chance to grab this yet so no picture, I’ll update if I make it down to pick one up. Hope you enjoyed the post ❤


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  1. I’m amazed at getting La Mer in a box!!! Super expensive stuff- glamglow too! Great post xo


  2. Denise says:

    how do i order this package?


    1. Hi Denise! It’s so simple, just head over to, along the top will be a few button options. At the end there is one that says “beauty box”, just click on there and sign up 🙂 Ill put a link here, but I thought I’d explain just in case the link doesn’t work:
      Hope that helped!! If you have any questions, don’t be a stranger.


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