Miss Tutii mask subscription unboxing/review

So Miss Tutii is a beauty site, selling a vast assortment of skin and makeup products. If you are at all into Korean beauty products this is definitely a site to check out! Or even if your just curious, they have some very cute products at a great value. They have three different monthly subscription options, the TutiiBag, TutiiMask and TutiiBox. The cheapest of the three being our review here, TutiiMask at $12.95/month. The next one up is the TutiiBag at $15/month, and last but not least TutiiBox For $25/month. We will be focusing on the Mask subscription today but for any information you can head over to their website at https://www.misstutii.com/ .thumbnail_20160711_152638_1468819586559_resizedI completely forgot to take a picture of the pretty mesh bag it all comes in! Ugh, it makes it just that much fancier, oh well, next time for sure! The mesh bag came with these three cards, one card gives English directions and a small explanation on each mask. The other two were just promotional stuff, the small one being a 10% off code. It arrived pretty early in the month as well, which was definitely a bonus!thumbnail_20160711_152704_1468819589594_resized

So as you see here not all of the masks you receive are face masks, I received this really cute fingernail mask this month! How adorable is that, I haven’t had the chance to use this yet but I cant wait to see if it really does work. The second mask I have had an opportunity to try, it was actually my very first one. My husband got to choose and he’s a tea drinker so I was expecting this choice. The mask was VERY moist and fit my face quite well. They give you a choice at the beginning to pick what type of skin you have, I believe it was normal-oily, or normal-dry, and I chose the oily. I do tend to have quite sensitive skin as well which proves to be a problem for me. And unfortunately this mask was a little to harsh on my skin. It wasn’t unbearable by any means, I left it on for about 20 minutes. I could definitely feel a tingle/slight burning and my skin was a little red when I removed it. Definitely not my favorite experience in a mask and didn’t see that much for results so was a bust for me.thumbnail_20160711_152903_1468819599329_resized

I was SO EXCITED to see this panda mask in my bag, I have been wanting to try one of these animal masks, and the day has finally come! This was the second mask I tried. It was just as adorable as I had imagined, and between me and you, even cuter with my cat ears headband shown in this photo! The mask had plenty of serum but I did find it fit my face a bit funny. The eye holes were quite small and it was hard to get the bottom part of the mask to stay on my face. Despite the troubles though, this mask did a wonderful job on my skin, it was soft, supple and radiant. The Medidental is a hydro gel essence mask. The info card says Hydrogel is water in the form of jelly which provides exceptional hydration. This specific mask is meant for pore tightening. The mask with flowers on it isn’t on the information card, and I cant read anything on the mask except for “rose aroma therapy”. Not a fan of rose scents so we will see how this one goes.thumbnail_20160711_152816_1468819597256_resized

A better look at this mask.thumbnail_20160711_152726_1468819594230_resized

Two more masks, I’m not a huge fan of floral scents so we will see how I feel about the cherry blossom one on the left. Now, the melon one just looks like it would be refreshing, doesn’t it!? I think that might be my next one. This one says that milk protein extract helps skin brightening by synergy effect with melon extract.thumbnail_20160711_152609_1468819583911_resized

Here is the entire contents of my pouch, seven masks and the info cards, amazing value for just under 13 dollars. That’s less then two dollars per mask, and if you just use them every 3 or 4 days, which is what I would personally suggest anyways, they will last you until your next Miss Tutii delivery!!

I hope this review had most of the information your looking for, check back here for next months Miss Tutii box and other subscription box unboxing/reviews!

If your looking to sign up please feel free to use my personal link below, much love.



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