The things in this life I know for certain

There are so many uncertainties in life. What will tomorrow bring? Should I take the job? Am I ready for kids? Sometimes the only answer lies beyond the action, but these are the few things that I know for certain.

  1. The deepest and most intimate bonds exists between a parent and their child/ren.
  2. Forgiveness is NEVER for the other person, it is so that YOU may have peace.
  3. You should never define yourself based on how others see you.
  4. If you find yourself judging someone, chances are its time to look in the mirror, we tend to see in others what we dislike in ourselves.
  5. Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
  6. No amount of skinny will ever look as good as a big juicy burger tastes.
  7. Donald Trump is a sleazy Muppet.

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